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2022: A moment to reflect and value

Updated: Dec 14, 2022

Reeves Independent has experienced substantial growth and development during 2022, despite the political and economic turbulence.

We have remained committed to our objective: to continually improve our service for a growing client base and we would like to reflect and offer thanks to you our clients, who remain centre stage of our strategy moving into 2023. Helping you plan for the best retirement possible on your terms will remain at the core of our service.

Client Campaigns

Each calendar quarter we run specific client campaigns helping you focus your financial planning at critical times throughout the year.

Reflecting on our campaigns throughout 2022, we listened to your feedback and made improvements: we have expanded our client communication strategy, ensuring all clients are presented with relevant and useful ongoing advice on a year round basis. And, this year, we have had 2719 client meetings as part of our campaign programme and are encouraged by your feedback.

Campaigns for 2023 will be End of Tax Year Planning in quarter one, Wealth Protection in quarter two, we’ll be focusing on your annual reviews in quarter three and in quarter four, we’ll be bringing you a Pensions and Property campaign.

Client campaigns are an essential component of our service to you. Those of you who proactively interact with our communications throughout each annual cycle reap the rewards in understanding what you have and how best to use and manage your finances. We value all your interactions.

Your Feedback

Your feedback is essential to our service strategy, we respond quickly to relevant suggestions and requests. Trustpilot is just one way in which you are able to offer feedback and we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for helping us attain our ‘Excellent’ rating on Trustpilot' and for continuing to work with us to make sure we’re always improving our services for you. Your comments are valued greatly.

Rewarding your loyalty

Last year we also committed to rewarding client loyalty and we have done so through our Reeves Advocate Scheme. Since its launch in 2021, we have had 711 clients sign up to the scheme and reap the rewards of the referral programme including luxury holidays, hampers and Amazon gift vouchers.

In 2023, we are looking to expand our rewards offering as well as launch a referral app, making being a Reeves Advocate easier and more rewarding than ever. For more information on the Reeves Advocate Scheme, visit:

Investing in your service through our Training and Development

To meet the needs and demands of a growing client base Reeves continues to invest for the future by running a specialist in-house graduate training scheme. This scheme provides the business with highly trained and skilled Advisers, Paraplanners, Administrators and future Managers.

To service our increasing client base, we have recruited many skilled and knowledgeable staff throughout 2022. We are now the proud employer of over 100 skilled and committed employees. All of whom follow both general and specific training programmes to continually improve on our knowledge and skill base and our service to you.

We are also honoured to be named in the Financial Times Adviser Top 100 for the fourth year running.

And, we recently won the Service Award at the regional heat of the North East Business Awards this year, demonstrating our commitment to outstanding service for every Reeves client.

We have set the bar high in 2022, but we won’t take our foot off the gas. We have seen 86 more clients retire in 2022 but in 2023, we want to provide an even better service for you and exceed your expectations. These are exciting times here at Reeves and there are even better times ahead as we strive for progress.

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