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2021: A Year of Growth and Development

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

At Reeves Independent, we're striving to enable more clients to achieve their retirement goals.

As we headed into 2021 at Reeves Independent, we took the opportunity to use all we had learned during the lockdown months and saw an opportunity for change; to re-evaluate our processes and communications to benefit our clients. As a result of our ongoing client feedback, we listened to what you – our clients – said, and saw the space for change. As such, we took proactive measures to implement new campaigns and services that we believe will improve your experience with Reeves Independent.

Tailoring Our Communications to Your Circumstances, As Ever

At Reeves Independent, we’re always striving to do better for our clients, and 2021 was no different. We wanted to increase client contact to reach every one of our segments with regular, meaningful, and consistent communications and campaigns.

As such, we launched a new client communications campaign, with a quarterly campaign structure. In Q1, we would speak to our clients about their End of Tax Year planning. Q2 would continue see an in-depth discussion around wealth protection. Moving into Q3, there would be a heavy focus on annual reviews and as we headed towards the end of the fiscal year, Q4 would see conversations around property and a continued focus on annual reviews.

This was designed to provide targeted services that would really benefit our clients. Whilst we are indeed experts in pensions and investments, we want to ensure all of our clients’ financial planning is considered. Furthermore, it is structured to better support our clients’ needs – no matter what they are.

This new tailored approach has seen us speak with our clients in one-to-one meetings over 1,800 times this year.

These new and improved standards have enabled us to perform at a higher level for our clients in 2021, as seen through improved communications, more personal recommendations, and positive feedback.

Supporting Excellence with Growth

In order to continuously improve these high standards, and have even loftier ambitions to enhance our services, an expansion in qualified staff was required. As such, we created new client teams to focus on the development of each client life stage to provide clients a consistently exceptional service.

Over the past 12 months, our staff development programme has been re-evaluated and renovated in-depth to ensure we are well equipped with the knowledge and expertise to deliver an exceptional service to you, our clients.

To further enrich this process, we moved to our new national advice centre. This move has enabled us to facilitate excellence in customer service by bringing our motivated team under one roof, which has improved our communications, our efficiency, and our morale. We believe this has, and will continue to, provide a vastly improved service for our clients, and allow us to retain our excellent employees.

Michael Warmington, Head of People said, “We are delighted with our growth plans to date, and we look forward to continuing our trajectory, and in placing a huge amount of emphasis upon the training, development, and welfare of our employees to enhance their careers, we look forward to others joining us and contributing to our success.”

Our Reeves Independent ‘Gosforth Local’ 30 High Street branch remains open for client appointments. This means we can provide advice in a comfortable and professional setting, so our clients continue to receive an outstanding service.

2021 has seen 50 Reeves Independent clients retire, and we are thrilled to have been a part of their journey towards achieving their retirement goals.

As touched upon earlier, we have spoken to you – our clients – over 1,800 times this year because of our new client campaigns. The desire to speak to you more, listen and provide you with an outstanding service is fuelling our ambitions as we look towards 2022.

We have also put significant investment into improving our technology to support client communications campaigns, and to modernise our practices. As well as a brand-new, easy-to-use interactive website, we have introduced a vast amount of video usage. Positive feedback from you has driven this, as we realised it provided a better service for you. We put our clients at the heart of everything we do.

Putting You at the Heart of What We Do

With this ethos in mind, we have made great improvements to communications, staff, and service levels. This has seen Reeves Independent launch a successful advocate scheme this year. We are delighted you would wish to recommend us to your contacts and want to continue providing you with a service that you would want to recommend to others.

Two advocate scheme reward winners holding £5,000 worth of holiday vouchers and champagne after they won our last competition

Since the launch of the aforementioned new client campaigns and introduction of new technologies, we are both proud and delighted to have received exceptional feedback from you. However, we want to make sure this is the case for many years to come and will continue to explore different methods of improving our customer service for all our clients.

We will always put you at the heart of our business – we wouldn’t be here, nor could we improve our services, without you and your invaluable feedback. We have adapted and implemented new processes as a result of listening to you – so thank you very much.

Reeves Independent has set the bar high in 2021, but we won’t rest on our laurels or take our foot off the gas. In 2022, we want to provide an even better service for you and exceed your expectations. These are exciting times here at Reeves Independent and there are even better times ahead as we strive for progress.

Reeves Independent will support you every step of the way in your retirement journey. Here’s to 2022.


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