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Investment Updates

Reeves Portfolio Updates
Updated Quarterly 

Top 3 Performers

Bottom 3 Performers

This is based on our understanding as of March 2023. Data sourced from FE analytics.

Reeves Independent Confidence Meter: 


The above meter represents Reeves Independent's confidence on the short term prospects of the global equity markets in the upcoming months.

Reeves Market Outlook
Updated Monthly 

Each month, the Reeves Investment Committee publishes its Market Outlook.


The Outlook looks at what’s going on in the capital markets around the world and walks you through our perspective on a variety of investment topics. It is the most widely read of all Reeves publications.


Our Outlook summarises our Committee's most recent economic insights and market expectations. It will help you understand why we make the decisions we make with regards to our recommended portfolios. But you may still have questions and want to talk through things in more detail. If that’s the case, get in touch to schedule a call with one of our team.

Latest Report​

Market Outlook
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