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At Reeves, we take pride in offering investment solutions tailored to your unique needs and circumstances.

Our commitment to delivering exceptional service and expert investment management sets us apart, ensuring that you can confidently navigate the complexities of wealth management and achieve your long-term financial goals.

The Power of Expert Investment Management at Reeves


Focus on Long-Term Strategy

When it comes to managing your portfolio, we prioritise a long-term perspective. Our investment strategy is meticulously designed to balance both return and risk factors, with a focus on achieving your objectives over the long haul. While short-term fluctuations may occur, rest assured that our approach is geared towards securing stable, consistent returns while managing risk effectively.


Diversification Matters

Market volatility is inevitable, but our commitment to diversification helps mitigate its impact on your investments. Unlike market-weighted indices that can be influenced by the performance of a few large companies, our actively managed portfolios offer diversification across sectors, industries, and asset classes. This diversification is key to positioning your portfolio for stable, consistent returns over time.


Staying Disciplined

In a rapidly changing market landscape, staying disciplined is paramount. Our investment process is anchored in discipline, allowing us to navigate market fluctuations with confidence. We understand that chasing short-term trends can lead to suboptimal outcomes, which is why we adhere to our established investment approach, ensuring that your investments remain aligned with your long-term financial goals.

Information For You


We encourage you to watch this video before your Annual Review Takes Place.




Asset Allocation

Asset allocation is the process of dividing your investment portfolio among different asset classes to manage risk and optimise returns.


Fund Performance

Fund performance refers to the measure of how well a fund has performed over a certain period. Click the relevant button below to assess the performance of your investment fund.


Portfolio Changes

We consistently adjust your investment strategy to align with market dynamics, and you can view the updates made to Reeves portfolios by following the link below.

Investment is not just about making money; it's about safeguarding your financial future and achieving your long-term goals. At Reeves, we are dedicated to providing expert guidance and personalised solutions that help our clients navigate the complexities of the market with confidence." 


– Rachael Simm, Investment Director - Reeves Group 

Reeves operates 5 model portfolios

Core Portfolio’s are based principally on industry recognised benchmarks, consequently ignoring the short-term risks that may be present in the market and practises a ‘buy and hold’ strategy.

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