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Celebrating success with Trustpilot

Sometimes consumers may not see the value in leaving online reviews, however for Reeves, Trustpilot feedback is very important. Reeves sets high standards across the business to ensure all clients are provided with excellent service.

Reeves currently has over 400 reviews on Trustpilot with an overall Trustscore of 4.8 out of 5. This is a great achievement and testament to the service Reeves is dedicated to providing to all clients. For those clients who are yet to review the service, the following piece outlines why Reeves values your feedback via Trustpilot.

Industry leading score

The average score in the Financial Advice industry is 3.8 out of 5, as stated by Trustpilot. Consumers when seeking a product or service should always carry out thorough due diligence, and use third party reviewing platforms such as Trustpilot to inform their decisions. Reeves is therefore delighted with the industry leading score which sets it apart from other businesses in the industry.

Client insight

Reviews, regardless of rating, allow businesses to gage customer opinion. Reeves values client feedback as it allows positives and areas for improvement to be identified. With positive reviews, Reeves provides praise to those involved as stated, but also ensures that positive trends are continued in service to all clients.

With reviews that provide feedback for improvement, Reeves assess any issues raised and aims to implement changes to ensure a more enjoyable client experience.

Feedback from new and existing clients alike

As Trustpilot is an open platform, new and existing clients alike are able to provide feedback on their experiences. This is important to Reeves as we aim to maintain high standards at every client interaction.

Celebrating Reeves colleagues

Trustpilot reviews provide opportunity for internal celebrations. At Reeves, employees that have gained 5-star ratings are celebrated on an all staff communications channel.

These 5-star reviews not only provide us with the knowledge that our clients are pleased but also that our staff are fully dedicated to provided providing the Reeves values to every client. The Reeves values are:


Because we take time to understand our clients’ needs, they trust us to provide straight talking, practical advice based on their individual circumstances and best interests.


We are open, honest and transparent in all our communications and recommendations with our clients and employees alike.


We uphold the highest standards of integrity and fiscal responsibility, taking an ethical approach in everything we do.


We make a vital impact on the lives of the people we engage with through dedication to financial care, outstanding service and continuous improvement.

In our marketing

Reeves clients also may have noticed that 5-star reviews are celebrated in a ‘Review of the week’ feature on Tuesdays via Reeves social media channels. This as well as us featuring our ‘Excellent’ rating n other marketing material is aimed at further bolstering our brand reputation.

Also, research shows that 86% of consumers in the UK find ads more trustworthy with the Trustpilot trust mark.

In summary, Reeves aims to continuously evolve and improve to maintain excellent service for our clients and colleagues alike.

Please do continue to leave Trustpilot reviews of your experiences with Reeves. Your feedback is invaluable to the business.


The contents of this post are not intended as and should not be taken as advice. Any actions taken on your financial products may be irreversible and could negatively impact your financial planning, so we recommend seeking personalised financial advice before acting. Investment performance is not guaranteed, past performance is not an indicator of future performance, and you may get back less than your original investment.

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