What does it feel like to be a client of ours?

Working with Reeves isn’t for everyone. I know that. If you’re already partnered with a good adviser then you’re one of the lucky ones. There’s no point in trying to fix something that isn’t broken and you’ll have no reason to use our advice. Similarly, if you’re already making your own investment decisions, and are happy doing so, we’re unlikely to be a great fit.

However, if you don’t have a close relationship with an adviser who truly understands pensions… If they don’t know what makes you tick… And if you want someone who’s going to nudge you towards a better retirement then you might want to read on.


You’re probably like most of our clients when they join us. The good news is that these clients are now in control of their retirement goals.

So what does working with Reeves mean for our clients? How does it feel for them?

The truth is that they’re busy people. They do care about their finances. But family and work life just seems to get in the way. They don’t usually have the time or desire to build and manage their retirement plans properly.

Chances are that, before joining us, retirement is something which would have HAPPENED TO THEM. Fingers cross they’d have come out okay.

Our clients feel in control

Our long-term clients don’t feel that way though. They feel in control. They know where their retirement money is held and understand why it’s invested the way it is. They know exactly how much they’ve got saved. And they know it’s safe to get on with their lives until we gently encourage them to take some action.

Those that are interested in the reasons behind the email recommendation we make on their portfolios will read our monthly Market Outlooks. They might even call us for a chat before agreeing to the changes. Those that are happy with the switches and the general direction proposed will simply reply with a “Yes” and we’ll take action on their behalf. They retain all the control, and are still included, but don’t need to invest time and energy doing it themselves.

They benefit from pro-active advice

Our clients aren’t worried about whether they’re missing out on the tax benefits of ISAs because they know that each year we remind them to invest their maximum allowance. And they’re relieved that we make those investments for them too.

I've always felt reassured that I have someone I can trust, who's always there for me.

Business Owner 

The way we do things allows our clients to be as involved as they want to be.

Whatever our client’s preferences, we try very hard to navigate today’s challenging markets for them; capitalising on funds which have done well and moving them into the right funds at the right time. We don’t work on the basis that time will work its magic on your funds. In this day and age the financial world doesn’t work that way. It needs a more thoughtful, proactive approach. And that’s what we do. Day in, day out.

We never promise to beat the performance of your existing investments. Nobody should do that.

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Long-term partnerships are earned, not forced

We never promise to beat the performance of any investments you’ve held in the past. Nobody should do that. In our mind, good investment decisions are the result of investing the right amount of time and thought into a situation. We’re mindful that yesterday’s winners can so easily become tomorrow’s losers and that there is no place for complacency. Our clients are comforted by the fact that we’re reviewing their investments every month.

Clients stay with us because of our collective expertise, focus and drive. All of which ultimately come together to help get you the best retirement possible, a retirement that we build together – as a team.

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By Nigel Reeves: My mission is to provide the quality, honest & jargon-free pension advice that people need to secure the retirement they deserve. At home, I'm a family man and an active supporter of grassroots sports!

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