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Clients often value meeting with us to discuss the following topics. We can help you understand your options relating to each matter so that you can make an informed decision.


Is the FTSE about to crash?

​In our latest market outlook we discussed how the FTSE100 has risen to levels similar to those of the Year 2000. But are equities now over-priced? Is the market about to crash? Clients want to know whether - right now - they should be buying, selling or sitting tight and holding their position.


The initial shock at the widely unexpected Brexit result caused frenzied market activity, which forced the FTSE 100 down about 8 per cent within minutes of the market opening on the morning of the result, but finished the week as a whole 2 per cent higher! Just a week later, the FTSE 100 hit a 10-month high and enjoyed its best week since 2011. But what are the longer term implications of Brexit and how should portfolios be adjusted as a result?​ We can help you work through these issues.

Clients earning over £150,000

Earnings over £150,000 affect not just a person's effective rate of income tax, but their annual allowance for pension contributions as well. Clients often want to know how best to reduce taxation for earnings at this level.

Job Changes & Pension implications

​UK employees now work for an average of 9 different employers during their career. Potentially, that’s nine pensions that will accumulate over time. Whenever you start work with a new employer, it’s worth considering how your new and old pensions fit into your overall retirement plan.

Imminent Retirement

Creating a retirement income isn't simple anymore. Following the introduction of a whole raft of pension freedoms in 2015, people at retirement now need to think about which assets they’ll use to create an income, when they should take this income and how they should take that.

Lifetime Allowances

Now that the lifetime allowance for pension contributions has been reduced to £1m, anyone with a defined benefit pension of £50,000 could be impacted by a penalty tax charge. Defined contribution savers who are targeting an income of as little £25,000 could also be affected.

Maximising Pension Contributions

Tax relief on contributions into a pension is available at your marginal rate up to the lower of the annual allowance of £40,000 or 100% of your income. Making additional pension contributions not only a tax efficient way of saving, but doing so can also help you avoid the High Income Child Benefit Tax Charge and the reduction of your Personal Allowance. Clients frequently want to know how best to make such contributions.

Tax Year End/Start Planning

​The end of each tax year presents an opportunity to use any tax incentives before the opportunity disappears. We regularly advise clients on how best to take advantage of these incentives and make use of any carry forward rules that exist.

Estate Preservation (Wills & Estates Planning)

​Planning your estate requires careful consideration and the arrangements you make for your legacy will have consequences for generations to come. We can help you explore all aspects of estate preservation, from Wills to Trusts, from IHT planning to Lasting Powers of Attorney.

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