Taking off against the wind.

It has been a tough old year and few of us will be sorry to see the back of it.

Individuals have lost loved ones; businesses have gone under – or been lucky to survive – lives have been disrupted and savings have been badly hit.

However, as the year draws towards its close, and at the time of writing, there is light at the and the tunnel. The US election has been fought and, while there are still disputes, it is hoped that political stability will return. Meanwhile, on this side of the Atlantic, Brexit will soon be finally resolved, allowing businesses to undertake long-term planning again. But, perhaps most important, it seems that, in the first quarter of next year, an effective Covid 19 vaccine will become available and life – and business – can begin to return to normal.

It has, however, been a hard slog and all investors and savers have been battling against a strong headwind, which means, at Reeves, we have redoubled our efforts in 2020 to serve our clients.

During this year’s tax planning campaign, for example, we contacted more clients than ever and around double the previous year’s total. Also, so far this year, we have helped 19 clients to fulfil their retirement dreams.

Obviously, we have had to adapt to the demands of dealing with the pandemic, with staff working from home and greater use of Zoom and other software. Essential core team members have still been in the office, with all possible steps being taken to secure their safety. With these measures, we have been able to provide our full range of services and support, with clients able to get in touch with our team and seek our advice. For the client, it has been business as usual.

We have conducted an impressive 17 webinars, and these have proved to be such a success that we have recruited an events manager who is already scheduling next year’s webinar programme. October alone saw us hosting no fewer than eight online workshops, on subjects ranging from the pros and cons of pension consolidation to a workshop on top tips for reducing your tax bill.

One of the most popular webinars that month was our live question and answer workshop, a 35-minute session covering a range of topics, including: how our process works, how our investment portfolios have been performing in the recent months and key timelines that we work towards when onboarding our clients.

Another popular event was our insurance workshop, where we invited a selection of our clients five or more years away from retirement, to learn about available insurance options and how they could protect their families.

Many of our events are open to all: including those who want a short introduction to Reeves, those who are becoming a Reeves client and, of course, to our existing Reeves clients.

Apart from recruiting an events manager, Reeves has taken on 17 new staff members this year, including two new qualified advisers, an experienced head of finance and an experienced assistant accountant. We have also recruited two experienced marketing personnel to create a dedicated marketing team. In addition, we have launched a new graduate scheme.

All this work has been recognised by us being placed in the FT Adviser list, Top 100 Advisers, for the second year running. The FT Adviser Top 100 list reflects data compiled by research partners, using their financial clarity product to provide a snapshot of some of the very best advice companies working in the UK today.

But, for us, the main focus remains you, the client. Whatever this current crisis throws at us, we will continue to monitor investment portfolios, advising accordingly, managing client income and dealing with all personal financial matters as and when required.

Yes, it has certainly been a tough old year, but, as they say, “when the going gets tough, the tough get going’’.

This article represents the opinion of Reeves Independent Limited and is for information only. No action should be taken based on this information alone. Remember that investments can go down as well as up and past performance is no indicator of future performance.

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