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2 3 moments in life to consider pension fund transfer

3 Moments in Life to Execute Your Pension Fund Transfer

It’s clear that consolidating pensions is a good strategy for many people; doing so can add significant value to their retirement savings. But when is the best time to look at pension fund transfer? You may want to transfer right away to get control of your pensions, but here are 3 specific points in time at which you might want to think about bringing all your pensions together. Continue reading

3 Secret benefits of consolidating pension funds

Read most articles about consolidating pension funds and you’ll probably think that pension consolidation is just about cutting costs and increasing fund performance. That’s OK. Bringing all your pension pots together under one roof can often reduce administration costs. And moving money to higher performing funds is a smart move too.

But there are a number of hidden benefits which you’ll rarely find discussed. Here are three of them. Continue reading