September 2018- Edition 3

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September 2018- Edition 3

An Introduction from Nigel Reeves:

Welcome to our September newsletter.

With the summer holidays still fresh in memory, we tell you how we helped one man and his family achieve the dream of early retirement and road trips in their brand new camper van his pension helped to finance. 

Whatever your goals, one of the best options to achieve them is through phased drawdown and this issue features the first in a series of case studies explaining how this approach worked for our clients.

There is our usual in-depth Market Outlook, the first since the Bank of England decision to raise interest rates and advice for a couple who inherited a significant sum of money late in life. 

The team at Reeves is also seeking your feedback and would appreciate it if you could take time to complete our survey to help us enhance and improve our service. You will find the link at the end of the newsletter. 

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Featured Articles...

Making dreams come true
Early retirement may seem like a dream, but not for our client Jim. He had an ambition to buy a camper van when he retired at 65 to enjoy himself touring on holidays with his wife. With the help of Reeves, Jim's retirement dream is now a reality as he has been able to retire age 56.
Read more to see how Reeves helped Jim turn his dreams into a reality.

Where there's a will, there's a way
Retirement and pension planning aren't just a matter of finance and saving, you must be clear on what you want to do with your retirement and take all factors into account. Recently, we had a couple who came to us who had been retired for some time and had just received a substantial inheritance.
Read here what advice we gave.

Phased Drawdown- Your flexible friend 
Phased drawdown is a valuable tool which can give you tax efficient flexibility in the way you use your pension pots in retirement. However, while it's not highly complicated, the rules still need some explanation.
Read how phased drawdown helped one of our clients minimise his tax liability.

Portfolio News...

Market Outlook
Each month, the Reeves Investment Board publishes its Market Outlook. The outlook takes a look at what's going on in the capital markets around the world & advises you on the core events which affect your portfolio each month.

Key Data Affecting Your Portfolio
Key data influences the decisions we make at Reeves, and this could have an impact on your portfolio. We have put together a report on our Portfolio Performance & Individual Performance.

Proposed Changes To Your Portfolio
After the market outlook has been published, we may need to make some changes to your portfolio due to the market conditions. In brief, we are making no immediate changes, as our current portfolio reflects our negative view of equity markets.

Company News...

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