How to turn your pension into a retirement income

​A simple way to create a bright financial future in retirement even if you don’t have a big pension.

From: Nigel Reeves, Founder and Principle Consultant of Reeves - The Pension Specialists

Are you at a loss for how best to create an income from your pension?

Overwhelmed by the myriad of options available, struggling to get to grips with complex pensions terminology and finding it impossible to understand the tax implications of your choices.

Even working out how much you’ll likely earn in retirement feels like an impossible task.

pension consolidation service from Nigel Reeves

You’ve spent hours researching things on the internet but just can’t seem to make any headway.​

Here’s some news: You’re not alone.

Recent research revealed that some one in five people aren’t confident that they can make an informed decision about their retirement options. They’re paralyzed by the range and complexity of choices that the new pension freedoms have created.

If you can relate to this issue, we have the solution.

RETIREMENT OPTIONS is a comprehensive service that will remove all this confusion and provide you with clear, jargon-free advice on how best you can generate a retirement income, given your unique and individual needs.

Our team of pensions experts will do all the hard work on the finances for you whilst you prepare emotionally for retirement. All you’ll need to do is talk us through your circumstances and provide some basic details about your existing pensions.

In fact, if you start now you could have certainty and control over your retirement plans within the next 90 days.

Imagine what it would be like to know that you’ll have the money coming in to pay for the holidays you’ve dreamed about, to clear your children’s college fees and cover your care costs if and when that time comes. No more angst and worry, just the surety of knowing that your future is bright and sustainable.

For the past 20 years I and my team have been helping professionals and entrepreneurs build, protect and access their pensions. Because we’re pension specialists, we are helping people through this process on a daily basis. We’re the #1 ranking financial adviser on LinkedIn.

RETIREMENT OPTIONS is built upon our proprietary planning process that will:

  • Maximise your income in retirement - we’ll assess all your assets and retirement goals to build a plan for creating a future income that’s right for you and which maximises your financial position.
  • Protect you from future tax liabilities - we will ensure that our plans consider income, capital gains and inheritance taxes and that your income is structured to protect your assets from future tax threats.
  • Ensure you can retire when you want - rather than letting your retirement date be dictated by your finances, we do things the other way around. We’ll take your target retirement date and work out how best to structure your finances to support that goal.
  • Provide income when you need it - We’ll structure the timing of your withdrawals to so that you have the money you want when you want. We’ll ensure you have extra money early in your retirement when your lifestyle is more active and less when you’re no longer likely to be spending as much.
  • Maximise your investment returns - we’ll ensure that your money is kept invested and still able to grow during your retirement.

The Retirement Options service is built on over 25 years’ research in the financial services industry and is proven to reliably deliver the income sought by our clients.

Nigel offers very straight forward, simple advice that I have found invaluable in recent weeks. If you want a great "no jargon" service, then Nigel and his team are the people to get in touch with.

Managing Director
Aged 55, Newcastle

Nigel Reeves has provide advice to me in respect of my own pension requirements and in respect of two family trusts. I have been very pleased with the advice provided by Nigel and I am very happy with the standard of service provided by Reeves Independent.

University Professor 
Aged 54, London

Our entire team receives regular training in their field of expertise and our proactive approach to continuing professional development means that your advice will always be current, taking into account the latest legislation, product availability and market conditions.

Here’s what you get:

A detailed fact find for each of your pensions - We will trace and contact all of your existing pension providers to find out the accrued benefits, whether defined benefit or money purchase schemes.

An analysis of your different options for generating an income - We will explore all options open to you for creating an income. With your pensions we’ll consider the purchase of an annuity, enhanced annuity, phased retirement and drawdown for example. We will also consider all of your assets that can be used to create an income such as property, ISAs and business interests.

A summary report of our research - We will give you a printed report that explains exactly what recommendations we are making, why we have made those recommendations (based on the your specific circumstances, your goals and objectives) and the cost of implementing those recommendations.

A one hour face-to-face meeting at your home or place of work - Our qualified adviser will visit you to talk you through your summary report and answer any questions that you might have.

A turn-key transaction service to implement our recommendations - If you want us to implement our recommendations we will liaise with your pension providers to execute our proposals​

And you’ll get it all today for a one off payment of just 1% of your fund value*.

So for the price of weekend city break you can get your retirement finances put in place, allowing you to finally give up the daily grind and start living the retirement you deserve.

Get Our Advice Risk-Free

Your pension could be worth as much as your home and it’s important that you feel completely comfortable with our advice. That’s why we carry out our research, prepare our report and meet with you to discuss your options for free and without obligation. You only pay our fees if you ask us to implement our recommendations. So if you don’t like our proposal, that’s fine. Just say that you’re not happy and you can walk away with absolutely nothing to pay.

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Nigel Reeves DipFPS
Principle Consultant​
Reeves - The Pensions Specialists

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