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Reeves in Q2: What would happen if you fell seriously ill or passed away?

Updated: Mar 11

Reeves Independent will be hosting a series of webinars aimed at securing a protected future, for you and your family, should serious ill health or death strike.

As we enter Q2 of the Fiscal year, the gloomy clouds of Winter will depart to make way for the freshness and buoyancy of Spring. The cold weather and rain will be replaced by warmth and sunshine.

The long Winter of lockdown and despair will, hopefully, make way for a Spring of optimism, anticipation and, if all goes to plan, the road to normality.

It is no secret that the past 12 months has been incredibly tough on everybody. But if the effects of COVID-19 and staying at home, away from friends and family, has taught us anything, it is that life is incredibly valuable and extremely precious.

You never know what is lying in wait around the corner.

That is why at Reeves Independent we will be focusing on insurance this financial quarter, from April through to June.

Reeves will be concentrating on the importance of our clients being prepared for serious illness and death, and the effects this could have on them, their family and their finances. This may seem morbid, but we feel it is far better to be realistic, to plan for such events and to protect yourself and your family. The past year has shown us that none of us are invincible and life can be taken away in a heartbeat. This is following our philosophy of putting you – our valued clients – in control, helping you to mitigate the negative impacts of events beyond your control.

The Wealth Protection Planning webinars, will be focusing on specific areas of each life stage. Essential, Growth, Pre-Retirement and Retired Insurance webinars will all take place with your respective & specialist Account Managers.

Oliver Gibbs, Rebecca Lawson, Jack Ford and Chris Lockerbie are delighted to be presenting their respective webinars. They can’t wait to see you and provide you with their expert advice, guidance and knowledge. New Client Adviser, Bill Brown, will also be joining each presenter to assist and provide his wealth of knowledge, built up in a career spanning over 20 years in Financial Services. Each presenter will also be on hand to ask any questions you may have.

These webinars are geared up to produce proper, honest conversations to provide support and solutions should you happen to fall seriously ill or pass away. Tailored towards getting you ready about the difficult decisions you may need to take, Reeves aim to get you to thinking proactively and, ultimately, helping you to make the best decisions for you and your family.

We must stress that ONLY CLIENTS of each life stage are encouraged to attend the below events:

Date: Monday 19th April at 6:30pm

Hosts: Rebecca Lawson & Bill Brown

A webinar for clients in our Growth Life Stage

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Date: Thursday 29th April at 1:00pm

Hosts: Oliver Gibbs & Bill Brown

A webinar for clients in our Essential Life Stage

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Date: Thursday 6th May at 1:00pm

Hosts: Jack Ford & Bill Brown

A webinar for clients in our Pre-Retirement Life Stage

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Date: Thursday 6th May at 1:00pm

Hosts: Chris Lockerbie & Bill Brown

A webinar for clients in our Retirement Life Stage

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We really do encourage you to join the events. At Reeves, we understand that the past year has been difficult. We recognise it has been morbid and downcast. You may feel as though you don’t want to add to the feeling of despair by discussing such blue topics. However, by attending the events with our experts, you can take positive steps to build a secure future, for you and your family. By the end, we want you – our valued clients and friends – to feel happy knowing that you and your family’s future is protected, should the worst happen.

Once you have attended the event, we would love for you to book a one-to-one call with your account manager to discuss how we can provide extra guidance, support and solutions.

Date of events:

Wed 28th April at 6:30pm - RSVP here

Wed 26th May at 6:30pm - RSVP here

Wed 23rd June at 6:30pm - RSVP here

Hosted by: Rebecca Lawson, Rachael Simm and Bill Brown.

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