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National Graduate Week 2022 | Spotlight on the Reeves Graduate Scheme

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

Today marks the start of National Graduate Week 2022, and to celebrate the annual initiative we caught up with some of our Reeves Graduates.

In the following article, we outline what the scheme entails and our Graduates discuss the Reeves Graduate Scheme and their experience since joining Team Reeves.

The Reeves Graduate Scheme

The Scheme we offer is inclusive of a fully funded route to achieve a Level 4 Diploma in Regulated Financial Planning.

After successfully completing your two years with the business, you then have an opportunity to apply for a full-time role within Reeves, having first gained the experience to help you make an informed decision as to the route you wish to take in financial services.

We believe in offering all our colleagues the opportunity to progress, so we offer full time contracts to those who have qualified.

How did you find the recruitment process for the Reeves Graduate Scheme?

ABIGAIL: “I found with other graduate schemes that the recruitment process made you jump through a lot of hoops to even get to a stage where you personally spoke to an actual person at the company. Reeves stood out to me as they wanted to speak to you personally first and work out if you were the right fit for Reeves and if Reeves was the right fit for you!”

RYAN G: “The recruitment process was incredibly quick and efficient, with me getting the job within a week of getting an interview. I found the process wasn’t as intense as other interviews which made everything run much smoother and created a welcoming atmosphere right from the get-go.”

JED: “I found the recruitment process to be professional yet refreshingly transparent. My first meeting was an insightful look into the company’s history and where Reeves was wanting to go, which included the types of people they were wanting to bring on and what they expected.”

How have you found the training programme for the scheme?

KATE: I have enjoyed getting a taste for each rotation before starting the longer rotations. It meant it was easy to get to know people from each team and made the whole process less daunting. There’s a lot to take in but everyone was really helpful which made it a lot easier.

CHARLIE: “The training programme is thorough and has put me in a great position to develop in my role as a paraplanner. Furthermore, I feel comfortable consulting my team in areas of weakness.”

What’s the best thing about the Reeves Graduate Scheme?

ELLIOT: “The best thing about the Graduate Scheme is the dual aspect of learning a wide role within financial services and having the ability to achieve a level 4 diploma which is funded by the company. It’s rare to find this opportunity elsewhere.“

JASPREET: “So far what I have found best is being able to have a taster week in each rotation we will be a part of as it gave me a real idea of how Reeves independent functions as a whole. “

ETHAN: “The best thing is how supportive the people I’ve worked with have been.”

How would you describe the culture at Reeves?

ABIGAIL: “I’ve never felt as welcome as I was made to feel at Reeves. You’re made to feel part of the team from day one and the monthly social events give you a great chance to meet people who work on other teams in the business.”

RYAN W: “Reeves’ culture is vibrant and supportive.”

JAMES T: “The culture is very supportive and encouraging of others to progress and improve in their roles.”

For more information on the Reeves Graduate Scheme click here.

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