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Every Step of the Journey Covered

Updated: Jul 21, 2022

We are with you, for the long haul.

Retirement isn’t a single, self-contained event. At Reeves, we’ve long recognised that it’s more a process and we’ve developed an approach to help guide our clients along every step of their journey.

Every client is different and we deal with everyone as an individual according to their circumstances, but there are four stages which tend to be common to everybody.

First, the client journey begins with an initial meeting where we get to know you and gain a thorough understanding of your circumstances and your aims. This is often a matter of helping a client clarify for themselves, for the first time, exactly what their long-term ambitions are. This first step is crucial to avoid the danger of drifting into retirement with no clear plan and no provision to achieve a plan.

It’s surprising how often at this stage that people find they can do more than they anticipated or earlier than they’d hoped.

Thereafter, it’s a question of managing the client’s retirement fund, ensuring that their investments grow as much as possible, while being secure. Our investment board meets monthly to review our investment strategy in the light of market conditions and, if as a result of that, we think any changes are necessary we contact you for your consent. In 2018, the Reeves portfolio outperformed the FTSE 100 by about 5%.

We have a range of portfolios which are appropriate for different clients, depending on their attitude to risk and how frequently they want to make investment decisions and adjustments. At the end of every tax year we can advise clients on using their tax allowances to maximise the benefit to their portfolio. Every client has a personal account manager whom they can contact at any time.

Third, we advise our clients when it comes to making those key retirement decisions. What income will I need, net of tax, to maintain a comfortable lifestyle? How soon can I afford to give up working? Can I ease myself into retirement by cutting down on my hours? Should I move into a smaller – or even, perhaps, a bigger - house in my retirement?

Finally, once a client has made the necessary decisions and has retired, we continue, through regular reviews and discussions, to ensure that their retirement fund is secure and preserving as much of its value as possible and that those retirement plans remain on track.

Retirement is not something that can or should be done overnight. It’s too important for that. It’s a long and complicated business, which has to be planned for, carefully managed and then it has to be recognised that it’s an ongoing process. At Reeves, we are experts in this.


The articles are for information only and should not be construed as advice or a recommendation. The investment strategies mentioned are examples only and may not be suitable for your particular: circumstances, tax position or objectives. Please seek independent financial advice before taking any action.

Names have been changed to protect identity.

No advice should be conferred from the articles. No action should be taken without independent professional financial advice as any actions on your pension may be irrevocable and have a big impact on your income in retirement.

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