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Case Study - The ‘Super’ Cautious Investor

Updated: Jul 21, 2022

A recent meeting with a prospective new client demonstrated the problems that can be caused by failure to do anything about planning for their future.

At 53, Mrs Wilson has had a successful public sector career, enjoyed a nice lifestyle and has been lucky enough to experience some of lifes privileges. Despite being a high earner nothing has been saved or invested for the future. With her core career now over she is faced with working on minimum wage till she collects the state pension at 66 or 67 years of age.

After engaging in a preliminary discussion it became evident that the core reason for not investing over the years was the unwillingness to trust organisations and people that potentially were to invest her money.

Does this sound like you?

This mistrust resulted in no action being taken over many years and the situation of where she is now.

Why did she not Invest?

No pensions were taken because of the Maxwell scandal, no investments were made because she was scared of the risk of losing all her money and no savings were made because of the low rates of interest that would see inflation eating away at the savings made.

On top of all the investment risks she was worried that she may not reach retirement age as she had the terrible experience of people close to her dying prematurely.

What happens next?

The role of a good adviser is to talk clients through the potential financial risks that they may have to face and the ways in which one can protect yourself and your family. After that the clients can make their decisions from the various options presented to them.

Developing a diverse range of investments that are appropriate to the individual clients needs and wants in their life is the only prudent way to plan. There are always risks involved.

For the 53 year client all is not lost, she still has time and options to improve her position – if she is prepared to act upon this!

Reeves Independent are proud to offer generic financial & retirement planning services that have provided innovative solutions for many clients over 16 years!

For a FREE initial chat to discuss your retirement plan & investments call the office on 0800 989 0029 or contact us on to book an appointment NOW!

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