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Case Study – Planning for Retirement!

Updated: Jul 20

Client Profile

Judy is in her late 50’s (it would be impolite to say how old she is!) and approaching retirement from her busy career. She wants to make sure that her pensions and investments will be adequate to fund her retirement. She also needs a detailed analysis of her options of how and where to take her income.

Our Analysis

Judy came to us 10 years ago with little retirement funding or plans despite being in a highly paid job. We advised her that what she needed was a retirement planner to help her to to focus on when she wanted to retire and how much she needed financially to lead the lifestyle she wanted in her twilight days.

The Solution

Using our financial expertise and the needs of our client, we came up with some realistic actions to ensure that Judy was on target for her retirement options.

In Judy’s case, the best solution was the funding of pensions, ISA’s and cash.

Things in life rarely go to plan all of the time so we regularly reviewed Judy’s case to ensure the plan was on target.

The Outcome

Judy is now happily retired with more than adequate funds and a healthy spread of investments held within various tax wrappers.

We are pleased that she is going to have a secure income in retirement and also the financial flexibility to cater for events such as ill health, transfer of estate or other unforeseen circumstances.

If you would like to speak to someone about the Reeves Independent Retirement Planning Review Service please contact us NOW for initial chat on 0800 989 0029 or e-mail your enquiry to

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