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Case Study! Life Changing Advice – Life Changing Decisions – Life Saving Solutions!

Updated: Jul 21, 2022

I know the title of the Blog sounds particularly ‘cheesy’ but it is a genuine response from a new client after the service we provided her.

What was the client’s position when we met?

  • 58 year old single female

  • Has had a varied career history

  • Due to economic downturn is facing no regular job for the first time in her life

  • Had been looking forward to retirement at 65 when she could start drawing her occupational pensions

  • Last 18 months has seen a decrease in job prospects & savings

  • She was desperately worried about her income & her lifestyle had become restricted

What was the result of Reeves Independent’s Advice?

  • She now faces a ‘certain’ financial future were she does not have to work unless she want to

  • Stress & worry has now been removed

  • Happy & able to pursue open ended life time opportunities through a secure financial situation

  • Accessibility to significant cash that she didn’t have before which she can use for any purpose – whether it be fresh investment or to subsidise luxury travel

  • Adequate & secure income for the rest of her life

  • Significantly reduced running costs

How has Reeves Independent achieved this?

  • Reviewed all the options on her property assets & unused pension funds

  • Produced solutions which she previously didn’t know were possible

  • Helped her step by step through all the issues to enable her to make the best decisions for her

This has resulted in one very happy secure client!

If you would like to speak to someone about the Reeves Independent Retirement Planning Service please contact us NOW for a FREE initial chat on 0800 989 0029 or e-mail your enquiry to

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