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Over the month of March we have been introducing all clients to our most recent updates of our Portfolios. In February we launched our new range of portfolios: 'The Core Portfolio' for our clients who wish to have more low key involvement with their investments and prefer longer term strategies. We also updated our usual 'Tactical Portfolios' for clients who prefer making frequent investment decisions and are interested in taking advantage of short-term market movements.

These portfolios are reviewed monthly by the entire Investment Team. In our March Meeting it was decided not to change our asset allocation for the portfolio as our outlook for 2019 remains the same. We are happy with our higher levels of cash and our defensive stance given the present economic backdrop and sentiment driven markets.

In our March Meeting it also was decided not to change any holdings in our portfolios as we have recently created them using our optimum asset allocations and our research showed that our decision making has produced positive results for many clients. We are happy with our weighting for each fund and our ongoing research continues comparing each fund to its peers in each sector.

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AXA Framlington Global Technology 



AXA Framlington Biotech


​- 4.64%

​Janus Henderson Global Technology



This based on our understandings as of April 1st 2019. Data sourced from FE analytics.

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The above meter represents Reeves Independent's confidence on the short term prospects of the global equity markets in the upcoming months. Please read our Market Outlook Reports on a monthly basis for more information. 

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