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We have made a satisfactory and unexpected return so far this year, and we now believe tough times are ahead. Over the past month we have been to the Invesco Perpetual Road Show, Schroder Asset Allocation Debate and met with the fund manager of  Janus Henderson Global Technology fund. This has greatly increased our knowledge on world markets and how the data available is perceived by other financial firms. 

We have used these discussions to feed into our Investment Committee Meeting and help create our new V19C Tactical Portfolios.  The new V19C Portfolios ​went live on the 1st July 2019, they aim to take advantage of the positive growth throughout the first half of 2019 by selling a portion of all equities and keeping the gain. We have also increased gold across all portfolios as gold is considered a safe haven throughout periods of economic uncertainty. 

Our​ V19C Portfolios also seen a movement away from Overseas Equity. We have been exposed to Overseas Equity during a period of major market growth and so we want to move away from this asset while we are on top. We will remain having a high allocation to safer assets such as bonds and cash across all portfolios. We have made such positive growth across all portfolios that we feel it is necessary to protect this and move more towards safer assets towards the second half of 2019. 

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