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Over the month of April we have been closely monitoring the performance of our new portfolios. We have commented on how all portfolios have been growing since our clients have been invested. UK Equities and Technology funds in our Specialist Sector have, in particular, performed impressively. We have consequently created the next model of the Tactical Portfolios for our clients and V19B is the newest incarnation of Reeves Portfolio Management Service.

In our April Investment Committee Meeting, it was decided to take some of these remarkable gains by selling a small amount of the winners and distributing this allocation across our Bond and Specialist Sector. We have chosen to increase our Bond Allocation in all portfolios as we felt we were underweight in this portfolio as we moved into Quarter 2 of 2019. We remain happy with our higher levels of cash, and our defensive stance given the present economic backdrop and recent falter in certain highly valued companies, mainly in the US.

In our April Meeting it also was decided to increase our Property Allocation for our more Cautious Investors after a recent meeting with our property managers. Their views reflect a steady plan for long term growth and we remain confident in this asset for those clients who wish to have lower volatility in their portfolios. We are continuing our ongoing research, comparing each fund to its peers in each sector

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