Portfolio Management Service

Our Portfolio Management Advice Service is designed for clients who already have significant pension and investment funds. Its primary purpose is to provide the ongoing advice and support necessary for clients to achieve the retirement they want.

Key Service Elements Include:

Retirement Planning

We will help you to establish specific, measurable and timed retirement goals,  and identify what actions need to be taken to achieve them.

The nature of your plan will depend on your age, estate size and the complexity of your circumstances. It will provide the targeted information you need but not confusing detail that is not appropriate for your needs.

As part of the service we will deal with any requests from you for amendments to regular contributions or withdrawals.

Investment Strategy

You’ll receive investment proposals detailing how and where best to invest your portfolio in light of your retirement plan, attitude towards risk and current market conditions.

We have developed and maintain a suite of carefully-constructed, risk rated portfolios to ensure that our recommended asset allocation closely matches your personal circumstances. We research the funds we include within these portfolio’s very carefully and consider them to be “best of breed”, giving our clients the best chance for market leading performance.

In addition, if you have other assets such as buy to let properties, precious metals or significant cash holdings, we’ll be careful to take these into account when preparing our recommendations.

Performance Reviews

Our Portfolio Management Advice Service provides regular reviews of your progress towards the retirement goals we established with you.

Rather than scheduling a single annual review, we assess each element of your plan at a frequency and level of detail that is required and appropriate to your circumstances. In any event, the following key areas are normally reviewed:

  • Retirement goals
  • Fund performance
  • Insurance provision
  • Wills and inheritance planning
  • Income needs (for post retirement clients only)
  • Drawdown arrangements (for post retirement clients only)

Irrespective of any planned review, our Market Analyst monitors political, economic and market trends to ensure that, if a reactive adjustment to your portfolio becomes necessary, it can made in a timely manner.

Similarly, you can request a review of any element of your plan at any stage.

If ever your needs change, progress towards plan is not as anticipated or new, more appropriate products become available we will send you written proposals about how you should update your investment strategy.

We do not offer a discretionary management service and so all our recommendations need to be approved by you. Our reviews are generally initiated by email, but we are happy to continue with them remotely or in person. And where changes are made we will always follow up with communication confirming our recommendations and agreed actions for your own records and for our regulator to review.

Tax Planning

This important part of our Portfolio Management Service is aimed at reducing the amount of tax you pay and increasing your wealth.

Throughout the year we will highlight the opportunities to save tax that we believe are relevant to your circumstances. However, we will make every effort not to overload you with communications about matters which will not be of interest.

The programme will advise you on the following matters as appropriate:

  • Inheritance tax mitigation
  • Salary sacrifice
  • Annual allowance and lifetime allowance
  • Carry forward relief
  • ISA allowance
  • Tax-free lump sums

Pensions are a long term commitment, you may not be able to access your pension funds until the age of 55 (currently), investments can go down as well as up and you might not get back your initial capital. Pension and tax legislation does and can change in the future which could impact your pension.