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What Our Customers Say

Business Owner Harrow

“Nigel has helped me with all my financial advice over the last 20 years. Financial planning can be a bit of a minefield but I’ve always felt reassured that I had someone I can trust, who’s always there and who can deal with the majority of personal finance and wealth planning issues. Nigel is easy to talk to, very trustworthy and good at translating complex financial data into simple and easy to understand decisions.”

Service Engineer – Newcastle

“After recently changing jobs, I decided that it was time to get my numerous pensions from previous roles in order, rather than having them spread out. After discussions with Nigel and his team, they put a plan together for me, explaining my options and making recommendations, whilst answering my numerous questions.Once we agreed on a way forward, they proceeded to quickly and professionally arrange this, with a minimum of fuss, and kept me informed at every step. Now everything is sorted, and I’m happy that I made the right choice. I can’t recommend him highly enough – total professionals from start to end!”

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About Reeves Independent

Whether you are in the run up to retirement, have had retirement forced upon you or are already retired then our service is for you.

With the changing economic outlook having a potentially devastating impact on client investments, it is vital that portfolios are regularly reviewed. Whether you need to increase your retirement income now due to low interest rates or falling investment returns; or whether you need to protect what you have built up, we can build a plan to help you.

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