You Don’t Have to be a Financial Wizard to Build a Big Pension

​Learn how to get your retirement savings under control and growing in the next 90 days

From: Nigel Reeves, Founder and Principle Consultant of Reeves - The Pension Specialists

Are your pensions out of control?

You don’t know how much you’ve got and have no idea whether you’ll afford the retirement you deserve. The paperwork seems unending and you feel powerless to do do anything about it.

​You’ve tried to sort out your pensions but didn't known where to start.

​It’s not your fault.

pension consolidation service from Nigel Reeves

Millions of people are confused by complicated pension rules, failing to get to grips with an increasingly wide range of options and market outcomes. Even confident investors struggle to make sense of their pensions choices.

If you can relate to this problem, we have the solution.

PENSION OPTIONS is our ‘done for you’ service that will bring all your pensions together and get them properly under control and growing; eliminating your worries about the future for good.

Our financial planners will do all the hard work for you, allowing you to continue with your life whilst your pensions are sorted out in the background.

Imagine what it would be like to finally have the ability to shape your financial future; the relief of knowing that you’re on course to get the retirement you deserve.

For over 20 years, Reeves has been providing independent pensions advice and related services to managers and professionals up and down the country. More than 600 clients have now used the company’s services to create a bright, prosperous future for themselves and their families.

PENSION OPTIONS is a comprehensive service that will:

  • ​Give you an understanding of your current retirement provision - You will know whether you are likely to hit your current retirement goals and have the ability to plan ahead if there is any forecast shortfall.
  • Enable you to have complete control of your investments - By bringing together all your pensions in one place you will have a much simpler arrangement that you can manage more effectively.
  • Improve your investment outcomes - Moving your outdated pensions into the modern market will open up opportunities to invest in a wider range of funds and trusts.
  • Reduce hassle and stress - You will be able to relax and get on with life whilst our financial planners do all the heavy lifting for you.
  • Provide support for you every step of the way - You are not alone. You will be supported by our licensed staff team who will help you build and execute a plan.

Nigel and his team are a very professional organisation. Nigel himself has assisted me personally in organising and investing my pension portfolio and I would not hesitate to recommend him and his team.

Business Owner
Aged 60, Carlisle

Nigel offers very straight forward, simple advice that I have found invaluable in recent weeks. If you want a great "no jargon" service, then Nigel and his team are the people to get in touch with.

Managing Director
Aged 55, Newcastle

Nigel Reeves has provide advice to me in respect of my own pension requirements and in respect of two family trusts. I have been very pleased with the advice provided by Nigel and I am very happy with the standard of service provided by Reeves Independent.

University Professor 
Aged 54, London

Here’s what you get:

A detailed fact find for each of your pensions - We will trace and contact all of your existing pension providers to find out the accrued benefits, terms and transfer values of each one.

An assessment of strengths and weakness for existing pensions - We will compare the charges, performance and number of funds available on your existing plans with others in the market.

An analysis of the different options available to you - We will consider ALL available options for improving the future value of your pensions and will report on our recommendations. The alternatives will include switching to a new provider, taking out a Stakeholder Pension, a SIPP, joining your existing employer’s scheme (if one exists) and using one of their existing policies to consolidate their pension funds.

A summary report of our research - We will give you a printed report that explains exactly what recommendations we are making, why we have made those recommendations (based on the your specific circumstances, your goals and objectives) and the cost of implementing those recommendations.

A one hour meeting to discuss our recommendations - Our qualified advisor will talk you through your summary report and answer any questions that you might have.

A turn-key transaction service to implement our recommendations - If you want us to implement our recommendations we will liaise with your existing and future pension providers to execute our proposals.

There is absolutely no charge for providing our advice during this service. The only time we will make a charge is if you ask us to implement our recommendations. We’ll always make the costs of implementation clear and you're under no commitment to proceed.

Think of it like an architect who prepares plans for a new home but only charges for this help on site if you decide to move forward and build the house.

This really is cost free AND commitment free.

All we ask is that you respond now.

We can’t guarantee that we’ll keep this offer up forever, so click the “I WANT TO GET CONTROL OF MY PENSIONS ” button below to get started.

Or call our Client Service Team on 0800 989 0029

We’ll then be in touch to arrange a short introductory call when you can tell us about you and what you're hoping to achieve.

Talk to you soon.

Nigel Reeves DipFPS
Principle Consultant​
Reeves - The Pensions Specialists


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