ZT – Q3 Wekly Training Plan

Q3 Weekly Training Plan

Wednesday Mornings

Hello all, 

Starting this week we have begun the Q3 weekly training. The structure of the training will comprise of the following areas and include the following groups of staff:






Case Study Training

All staff involved in the creation of advice (IFA admin, paraplanners, advisors and anyone involved in compliance)

Various Advisers


Management Training




Independent Study

All Staff

FT Adviser

Case Study Training

Each week a case study will be brought to the table to be discussed by the trainer with the team. These cases will be high risk cases, whether that be due to vulnerable clients, out of the ordinary work or a high risk piece of business. 

To enable me to ensure we have cases to be ran each week, if you have a case you would like to put forward please use this form in order to do so: 


The purpose of this training is to discuss difficult cases and raise everyone’s knowledge and awareness of difficult business, how to escalate these to managers and what alerts you need to look out for. 

Management Training

For the first four weeks the focus of these sessions will be on Finplan Reporting. All managers should be setting up a suite of reports which will enable them to review their staff’s work at a moment’s notice. Ryan and Nigel will be running these sessions. 

Beyond this we have yet to pencil in what the focus will be beyond the four weeks, however we are working on getting this in place with the view of it being helpful, insightful and will improve how our managers run their teams and their own work. 

Independent Study

The FCA expect all staff in an advisory position (Certified) to complete a certain amount of Structured Training – this means that it has been provided by an external knowledgeable source – we do this through a webbase called ‘FT Adviser’.

All of our advising staff should be – and are from reports – already completing this and will have their own logins to enable them to complete structured training on the platform. 

Personnel who are already using this programme, have informed me that they find these articles relevant, interesting and informative. It is due to this that we have decided to role this out business wide. In the upcoming weeks I will be pin-pointing specific areas of study for specific roles and people across the business.

If you are an adviser – please continue to log your FT Adviser CPD via FT Adviser. If you’re non-advisory, please complete the usual Continuous Professional Development Form as you would usually after reading an article. 

Useful Links

FT Adviser


Continuous Professional Development Form https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdXD6MP4t5-3qIdpj9pRi-XhufI5M96_OLv9Hg6dgtlOfJ0dA/viewform?usp=sf_link

Please ensure you fill this out after every and all training or learning you do, whether this was on-the-job training, through FT adviser or scheduled weekly training. 

If you have any questions or queries, or any ideas for future training sessions please let me know by emailing Zoe or Brendan. 

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