Wills update – Great work Bill and Ellis.

Bill and Ellis have made a great start to our new look wills service proposition through Reeves wills and estates. the key points from our review meeting are:

1 – We are meeting next week to discuss detail of a proposal to halt the pilot scheme for two months with view to firming up / fine tuning some important details of the full service and to give Ellis time to train up and become our tech expert before we really go for this.

2 – They have had success in converting a high number of leads for both Ellis and external firm to complete the work.

3 bill has achieved referral’s from 65% of the meetings. The best he has done in 5 years. On ‘a name’ from a ‘name ratio’ he has achieved 123% 26 names from 21 meetings.

4 The referral rate is not a surprise to me based on my early days in financial services – start doing it sales team.

5 Training: Ellis needs practice and will conduct educational teams meeting every Wednesday at 1 pm – they will last 15 minutes.

‘Wonderful wills Wednesday’ at 1, (www@1)

6 Death benefits on pensions is a very important area which we can do much better. Client service team will be asked to deliver a session on one of the Wednesday events.

7 Client services to provide list of segments for bill to enable delegation of will responsibility – bit like tom with core.

8 communications are critical – different people need different messages – this is where and why market segments are vital for successful communications.

9 document storage – a review meeting needs to take place and bill to propose on actions.

10 linked in tier 1 messaging could be used legally to try and get wills leads and take us to pensions from there.

11 number of process issues with us versus our legal partner needs reviewing.

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