Should people with ‘time on their side’ consider upping the risk profile of their pension funds.

Investment Markets are thought by many to move in cycles. We have certainly seen falls from the high values that had been seen and most experts do have the view that the markets will recover.

With that in mind, for those people that are some way off retirement it may be prudent to start thinking about when to start moving into ‘more risky assets from less risky assets.’ This could potentially see your pension fund recover at a greater rate than the rate which it has fallen.

The options that you have are dependant upon a number of factors. This includes knowing where you have been invested and the options that are currently available in your existing pension.

Doing this needs expert help and advice. We do not know when the bottom will be and therefore further losses are always possible.

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By Nigel Reeves: My mission is to provide the quality, honest & jargon-free pension advice that people need to secure the retirement they deserve. At home, I'm a family man and an active supporter of grassroots sports!

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