Sales team capability and capacity (Includes lead gen)

Paul Don and Josh will be pushing forward with our ambition to up our fire power to help us get through the current situation and pushing on with full power.

We report strong appetite for clients to talk, have tech capability and more people working from home thinking about their future.

Our own questionnaire to clients had led to confirmation that clients in growth are worried about their jobs and some have lost their jobs, people want to review where they are invested, a strong feeling that markets are at or near the bottom , people do want their old and existing pensions reviewing.

work with a pr firm recently confirmed that our market feel positive about using experts to advise them in a whole range of areas, they want sharp delivery, don’t like pressure sales and are happy to do work on modern tech and phone. Nothing we didn’t know, but something their research shows.

Make sure you take note of these points. We are experts, we do not pressure, we must be slick and efficient, its all about trust and credibility.

They also said that introductions from peers plays a big part in advice selection.

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