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Scheduled Sending date – Tuesday 26/05/20

Feature Articles:

1) A Tale of 2 Clients

Client A – Employer put him on furlough.  xtremely worried about lockdown and his future. He is 60 and did not think he would be able to  get another job.

Reeves A –Full Review of Assets.  Detailed discussion on expenditure.    Established he could retire today if he really wanted too. He now takes every month at work as a bonus and is not worried.

Client B – Originally was not looking forward to retirement ‘Workaholic’.   Furloughed by his employer was the worst thought ever.   However, with the free time his mindset has changed and is looking to retire earlier.

Reeves B – Reached out and wanted to see if there was a possibility to ammend his retirement plans. He has now handed his notice into his employer, discussion with Reeves has made him confident in retiring earlier and with the means to do so.

2) Common Themes – Reassurance Campaigns

Job Security
Historic Pensions
Income and Expenditure
Wills & Estate Planning

3) Managing the Market

Our investment strategy during coronavirus.
How our clients have benefited
Case Study on client that talked to us, and wanted to readjust his risk level.

4) Fund In Focus – Schroder Asian Alpha Plus

5) And more….

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