Projects Moving on

– Our new wills process is going live on Monday with 27 existing clients expressing interest – Next project review at end of May. Any questions on progress ask Bill.

– Acquisition activity , we currently have two client banks being purchased which will go into the new Reeves Independent (acquisitions) company. The director is to be appointed.

– A meeting will take place on Wednesday night at 8 pm for those interested in the next stages of the big picture of Reeves. You will see where the plans are at and have chance to express opinion and ask questions.

– Reeves Essential is the name given to the new service for clients with under 100k and under 55 years of age. The service is being run by David.

– Zoom remains our preferred client virtual meeting tool. The next assessment is at the end of May where client presenters should be focussed on an ‘excellenet rating’. Ryan is developing version 2 and Paul Don is implementing change.

– Risk MATRIX – I have been through this months business submitted / written register and raised a number of matters with Paul Don and Josh. They will discuss with relevant people. Detail and due diligence is vip.

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By Nigel Reeves: My mission is to provide the quality, honest & jargon-free pension advice that people need to secure the retirement they deserve. At home, I'm a family man and an active supporter of grassroots sports!

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