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Zoom – We are driving through the use and competency of Zoom with all staff members that are client facing. If we can master the use of this tool then it will make us more efficient, enable more multi staff involvement in client meetings, add presentation material to meetings , build rapport and more.

Ryan is the project lead but josh, donners and Fordy will push things through with teams.

Zoe will monitor and make sure training, supervision and competency levels are monitored and achieved.

James Hay – In process. The team appear to have adapted well to this new platform with electronic application capability. We need to ensure our compliance, suitabilities, pipeline management and then servicing is equally ready for this new platform.

All staff members need to ensure their processes are adapted and inclusive for james hay. On boarding, investment finance be on your guard please.

The ifa webinar is ready to go – ryan / josh donners to get that moving next week.

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