In these worrying times moving your money to cash may not be the best advice.

Many clients are asking whether they should move their investments to cash. They have seen losses and are worried that they will see further negative movements.

As usual, the advice depends on many factors and advice should always be sought. However, generally speaking there are many reports that suggest that pulling out of the markets having seen a fall in value is not a prudent action to take.

We do not know where the bottom of the market will be , or when. We also do not know when the market will turn. Missing out on the rebound could be costly. For anyone thinking about doing this I would strongly urge that you take advice.

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By Nigel Reeves: My mission is to provide the quality, honest & jargon-free pension advice that people need to secure the retirement they deserve. At home, I'm a family man and an active supporter of grassroots sports!