High performing investments in 2020

Most people are aware that the world stock markets have taken significant falls since the coronavirus arrived.

At Reeves Independent we have seen our portfolios outperform the indexes t we follow and the FTSE100.

Our top selection this year has achieved a surprising 19.83% despite the coronavirus outbreak. Gold has achieved 17.27% as investors have sought the safety that gold is perceived to offer and we have two specialist technology funds delivering 12.56% and 15.32%.

This is the official performance excluding costs and charges and based on returns for January 1st 2020 to the end of April.

The key to sensible investment strategy is to run a mixed asset portfolio with funds run from a range of fund managers. The above funds all form part of carefully selected portfolio.

Different portfolio have different asset allocations and holdings.

Past performance is no guide to the future and these funds do not form any advice to buy. All selections are made as part of a portfolio of mixed assets.

Investment advice is available to all risk profiles, life stages and portfolio size.

About the Author

By Nigel Reeves: My mission is to provide the quality, honest & jargon-free pension advice that people need to secure the retirement they deserve. At home, I'm a family man and an active supporter of grassroots sports!

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