Client Service Team – Segment Update (Jack Ford)

Firstly, welcome back David! David has rejoined the team and will be working in the LTD business as part of the client service team. 

With this comes a new role. David will become a Core Account Manager and will look after: 

  • Clients with under £100,000 in Reeves Management 
  • Clients under the age of 55

We hope that David will deliver a greater service to these clients. We aim to provide a more tailored service to these clients. This will boost our relationship and engagement with these clients. 

With this new appointment, the client segmentation is a follows: 

Core- David = Under 55 & under £100,000 

Growth – Becky = Over 55 & over 5 years to retire 

Pre-Retirement – Jack = Over 55 & under 5 years to retire 

Retired – Oliver = All Retired Client – irrespective of value 

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