Checking and reviewing work is something we must do much better.

In a busy , high volume working environment it is inevitable human error will take place.

All managers must review process to try and minimise the chance of error.

The one thing that we can all do is to review our own work before believing a task is complete. Give it a last check over.

Fin plan has lots of reports. We must use them as part of our checking and audit process.

Tuesday is pipeline Managment day for the admin team.

You should all now know the relevant reports and how to use them.

Tuesday at 5 pm should be in diary to review the days pipeline work.

Brendan: check top line data @ ask josh critical questions.

Paul Don: check top line data, source, relevance for team members discuss with team

Josh: check breakdown report, do some spot checks under the bonnet, discuss outcomes with team.

Advisers: look at your cases , is there any problems, do you need to get involved, complete your own chases if not done.

Admin: review your work on the breakdown report – are there any obvious errors.

Most importantly it’s about being thorough and diligent. Do not assume and leave things to chance.

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