Market Outlook Report – February 2021

Market Overview

UK Reaches Brexit Trade Deal with EU 

After months of complex negotiations, the UK and EU agreed a deal on December 24th that came into effect at 23.00 GMT on December 31st. The deal defines the rules on how the UK’s new relationship with EU will work. The FTSE 100 hit its highest point since March when markets first opened after the deal was announced, gaining 137 points by midday.

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Biden’s Inauguration Marks a Return to Predictability

As Financial Times rightly points out, although the new President does not represent a return to normalcy yet, as we edge closer to the 12-month mark of the pandemic, we can expect more predictability in his administration. Many see this as a positive for markets, which have endured years of volatility brought on by Trumps impulsiveness and extensive use of Twitter.

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Vaccine Boosting Markets

Since the beginning of 2021 markets around the world have rallied at the news of successful vaccine rollouts, presenting potential opportunities for investors heading into the rest of the year. Israel and the UAE are currently leading the world at rolling out the vaccines, followed by Bahrain and the UK, and the response of their respective markets should hopefully be an indication of what is to come. With the UK Government on track to vaccinate the top four priority groups by mid-February, there is a feeling of optimism that the FTSE 100 will maintain its rally and UK markets will continue their recovery into 2021.

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Largest Rise in Unemployment Since the Global Financial Crisis

Unemployment rose to 5% from 4.9% in the three months to November, as COVID-19 continued to hurt the jobs market. The Office for National Statistics released figures showing 1.72 million jobless, the highest level in five years and 418,000 more than in the same period the previous year. The largest loss of jobs was seen in those sectors worst hit by the pandemic restrictions, such as hospitality and retail, with those aged 25 to 34 facing the biggest risk of losing their jobs as a result.


Investor concern mounts over rising markets.

With markets floating on an unprecedented wave of monetary and fiscal support, bond yields at near historic lows, and investors sitting on piles of excess cash, fund managers are on alert for a market pullback. Rallying stocks and speculation by amateur investors is resulting in growing concerns among market veterans that a bubble is forming to rival anything seen in the past century.

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Retail Investors Battle with Hedge Funds

In one of the most intriguing stories around investment markets, amateur traders using the ‘Wallstreetbets’ Reddit page have pushed up GameStop’s stock price exponentially, in a move to inflict heavy losses on some high-profile hedge funds holding short positions on the stock. GameStop’s price has now risen over 400% since Friday, totalling over 1900% rise Year to date.

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Date of article: 5/02/21

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