Market Outlook Report – December 2020

Market Overview

The World Begins to see Successful Vaccine Developments

Developments around Coronavirus vaccines have understandably dominated the news since the announcement of the Pfizer vaccine’s 90% effectiveness, with Moderna and Oxford following closely behind. With infection rates rising again across Europe and economies suffering from lockdown restrictions, markets have been buoyed by the hopes of an effective vaccine being rolled out in 2021.

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UK Economy Will Contract Close to 11 Per Cent in 2020

Rishi Sunak’s spending review is set to contain the largest downgrade in economic performance and the public finances since the second world war, with the Bank of England forecasts predicting the UK economy will contract close to 11 per cent in 2020, the worst annual performance for more than 300 years.

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US Election 2020: Biden Claims Victory

After crossing the 270-seat threshold Joe Biden is set to become the 46th president of the US in what is being tipped as one of the most important elections in recent history. Donald Trump is still however targeting postal votes and vote certification in a late bid to block Biden.

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Dollar Expected to Slump

There is an expectation among currency analysts that an approval of one of the Coronavirus vaccines could cause the dollar to sink as the global economy rebounds and confidence returns.


Gold Prices Slump as Vaccine Optimism Surges

Gold has posted an impressive two-year bull market rally that saw the price reach record high in the August of this year. However, the recent positive influx of news surrounding the possible successful vaccine for Covid-19 is threatening to end this bull market and is causing the Gold Price to falter.

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