Market Outlook

Each month, the Reeves Investment Board publishes its Market Outlook. The Outlook looks at what’s going on in the capital markets around the world and walks you through our perspective on a variety of investment topics. It is the most widely read of all Reeves publications.

Our Outlook summarises our board’s most recent economic insights and market expectations. It will help you understand why we make the decisions we make with regards to our recommended portfolios. But you may still have questions and want to talk through things in more detail. If that’s the case, get in touch to schedule a call with one of our team.

Latest Report​

Market Outlook - February 2018

Historically, January is typically a sobering month for investors. Since 2000 the average market return in January has been -1.6 percent! However, we are very pleased with how our model portfolios have performed in comparison to the index.

Report Archive

If you want to read about investment topics covered in previous reports, you can access our archive below. 


Focus Topic(s)


January 2018

We are pleased with how our portfolios performed compared to the index!

November 2017

Stock Markets struggles in November.

October 2017

The Bank of England meet to discuss interest rates.

September 2017

Investment Losses in Almost Every Sector.

August 2017

Reeves Performance vs FTSE allshare.

July 2017

Are Markets Overvalued? Is is it time to de-risk?

June 2017

Surprise Election Result

May 2017

FTSE 100 hit a record High

April 2017

Investment Trusts

March 2017

Global economy

February 2017

Investment Performance

January 2017

Overview of 2016

December 2016

US Election Results

November 2016

Inflation, Bond Yields

October 2016

Real Estate Investment Trusts

September 2016

Technology Funds, Absolute Return Funds

August 2016

Property Fund Liquidity