Fees and Charges

For any aspect of our financial planning, all charges and fees will be fully disclosed to you. We will not charge you until we have discussed your payment options and agreed with you how we are to be paid. We will also let you know if there are any other costs that might arise in connection with the services we provide to you.

Our charges/fees will generally be VAT exempt unless the work we provide for you only involves advice and/or preparing a report, in which case VAT may be applicable. We will always tell you if you have to pay VAT before we undertake any work for you.

Charges for the ongoing service will not be liable to VAT (unless the initial service was liable to VAT) where both the initial and ongoing services are part of the same package.

Service Charges

Initial Consultation

Your initial consultation helps us to understand your financial objectives and will confirm how we can support you in working towards these.

Free of Charge

New Client Registration

If you wish to register as a new client we will gather information about your existing financial arrangements and your full personal circumstances, and gain an understanding of your investment knowledge and attitude and tolerance towards investment risk. The client registration fee will be waived wholly or in part should you decide to implement any of our recommendations.


Lump Sum Investments (including transfers) 

Lump sum investments include ISAs, collective investments, pensions, investment bonds, drawdown, annuity purchase.

Advised Services

Our standard initial charges are tiered and based on the amount invested or transferred:

Example 1: New client switching 4 pension plans to us with a total value of £100,000.

  • Initial £100,000 at 2% £2,000

Example 2: New client switching 2 pension plans to us, with a total value of £300,000.

  • First £140,000 at 2% £2,800
  • Remaining £160,000 at 0.5% £800
  • Total Initial Adviser Charge £3,600 (1.2% overall)

Example 3: New client switching 1 pension plan to us, with a total value of £220,000.

  • First £140,000 at 2% £2,800
  • Remaining £80,000 at 0.5% £400
  • Total Initial Adviser Charge £3,600
  • Single plan discount of 50% would result in an initial charge of £1,600 (0.7% overall)

Example 4: Existing client with £140,000 already with us, with an incremental investment of £30,000.

  • The £140,000 already with us ensures these additional funds attract a 0.5% charge (£150).

£0 and £140,000

Over £140,000



Non-advised Services

Some plans can be switched without the need for formal advice. However, we do recommend that any plans valued at above £30,000 should receive a fully advised service.

Free of Charge
Subject to using Portfolio Management Service

Regular Premium Investments

Regular premium investments include ISAs, collective investments and pensions. Initial adviser charge for implementing a regular premium savings or investment plan. This will always be discussed and may be reduced or waived where this is arranged at the same time as a lump sum transaction.


Ongoing Adviser Charges (Portfolio Management Service)

We offer an ongoing service based on managing pension and investment portfolios and retirement planning strategy. Our service charge is calculated and paid monthly and is based on the value of your investment(s) at the time.

1% pa.

Self-managed service where clients retain access to our investment advice and market commentary but manage their investments themselves. Our service charge is calculated and paid monthly and is based on the value of your investment(s) at the time.

We are able to offer a split service, where a proportion of funds invested benefit from our full Portfolio Management Service and the rest are managed by you under our Self-managed arrangement.​

0.25% pa.

Please note that all charges stated on this page are subject to our Terms of Business.