Investment Platform Suitability Questionnaire: 

Please read the following statement:-

'An investment Platform provides is the modern way of managing different tax wrappers such as pensions, ISAs and bonds. It enables a whole portfolio to be administered in one place using online technology. Our ongoing advice service, known as PMS, reviews and amends client portfolio on an ongoing basis. Amendments are made to ensure that the portfolio is lined up with your life plans, goals and reflect the overall economic climate. The service can work across all risk profiles.
Platforms are not suitable for everyone and this questionnaire aims to identify those that it may or may not be suitable for.'

Please identify how strongly you agree with the following statements on a scale of 1-5.

It is important that no actions should be taken without first taking advice. Personal circumstances and an individual’s appetite for risk means that the advice for one person may not be the same for everyone.