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February - A Month of Improvement

February is often a month we struggle through, waiting for those lighter nights and warmer days.  It was the Romans, who gave us the month of February, they saw this second month of year in a positive light, as a period of purification and reflection, or review and improvement.

It has certainly been a month of improvement at Reeves Independent, bringing together ideas from our year-round process of reviewing and re-assessing our service. This has resulted in some structural changes in how we manage our diverse client base.

Our improvements at Reeves reflect the different requirements our clients have, dependent on their stage in the retirement journey. These changes have already been implemented and, if you’re already a client, you won’t have noticed a difference as it has been a seamless process. However going forward, it will enable us to provide an even more targeted and bespoke service.

We have placed our clients using three stages of the retirement journey:

  • Growth – normally younger people who have many years of work before them and are building up their retirement funds;
  • Pre-retired – normally up to five years before retirement, when aims need to be clarified and plans put in place;
  • Retired – continued management of funds and review of plans and performance.

Reeves clients in each category will benefit from the work of a dedicated team who are highly trained in that field and in that stage of the process.

These changes follow hard on the heels of our expansion into our new headquarters in Gosforth, Newcastle. This includes a drop-in centre, giving clients the opportunity for face-to-face meetings in a comfortable, bespoke environment. We also have plans over the next few years to open some satellite offices in other key areas of the UK.

Reeves’ drive for ongoing improvement – or purification and renewal – led to us being ranked among the country’s leading financial advisers, when we were included in the prestigious Financial Times Adviser Top 100 Financial Adviser awards, ranking us in the top 0.5% of advice firms.

In a separate category Reeves was also ranked as ninth in the UK for firms with less than six advisers, making Reeves Independent the top firm in the North East with six or fewer advisers.

Anyway, that’s enough about us – what about you? What have you done in February by way of purification and renewal?

How about engaging with us for your end of year tax planning or to take a look at your retirement and pension provisions.

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These articles are for information only. These articles are based on specific clients and their situation may be different from yours. No advice should be conferred from the articles. No action should be taken without independent professional financial advice as any actions on your pension may be irrevocable and have a big impact on your income in retirement.

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