​July 2019
Retirement, Pensions & Investments FAQs

​How can I increase the size of my pension pot?

​​Tip 1 - Set your Retirement Goals.

​​Tip 2 - D​o you need any support?

​​Tip​ 3 - ​Organisation

​​Tip​ 4 - Tax Planning

​​Tip​ 5 - ​What is your risk profile?

​​Tip​ 6 - Investment Strategy

​Tip 7 - Attitude towards risk

​Tip 8 - Asset Allocation

​Tip 9 - Timing / Diversification

​Tip 10 - Regular Reviews

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It is important that no actions should be taken without first taking advice. Personal circumstances and an individual’s appetite for risk means that the advice for one person may not be the same for everyone.  Reeves do not advise on Defined Benefit pension schemes. Reeves do introduce a third party specialists in areas of work we do not cover. Reeves run an advanced investment portfolio management service on an advisory basis only