We understand that many people in the UK are facing stressful times due to health and financial challenges caused by the current global Coronavirus pandemic. If you are over 55 and your income has dropped or stopped altogether, you may be able to access your pension(s) for some short term support.

Reeves Independent has an Helpline, where our team will:

  • Talk knowledgeably and sympathetically about your circumstances.
  • Explore the options on your current and historic pensions.
  • If appropriate, help you release funds.

Call 0330 353 0057

Lines are open 8 am to 10 pm – 7 days a week. 

We urge you to be safe during these uncertain times, follow the Government’s advice, and take the relevant precautions to protect your health, and the health of those around you.Request a Call Back:

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Info for business owners

If you are over 55, Reeves can help you to access your pension to provide emergency working capital.

Or we can provide advice to your employees facing financial pressures due to unpaid leave or redundancy.

Info for Employees

Reeves can help those aged 55 and over to access their pensions to unlock emergency funds to help in your time of need.

Getting sound financial advice before accessing your pension is vital to avoid making mistakes that could impact your future retirement plans.

Call 0330 353 0057

We have put in place an emergency helpline to assist those forced to consider either early retirement or gain temporary access to their pensions during the Coronavirus crisis.

Clearly this is going to be a testing time for many people and businesses. Whilst pensions are ultimately designed to provide an income in retirement, they can provide a vital lifeline when circumstances such as these present themselves.

We are already seeing some clients calling in to prepare for temporary access to their pensions where they aren’t being paid by employers.  For the self-employed who don’t benefit from Statutory Sick Pay and will receive no help from an employer the situation is even worse. Directors  considering how to keep their business afloat, pensions can offer a lifeline where working capital is in short supply.

Most private pension schemes will allow access from the age of 55. For those needing emergency access it may be possible to access up
to 25% of the value of their pensions tax free during this difficult time.

However, there are several major pitfalls which must be avoided to ensure no unnecessary tax payments or that short term access does
not damage your future retirement plans. There could be potential issues of consolidating losses in a falling market or that people have other assets that could be used prior to accessing pensions

For example, many older pensions will not simply allow you to access a small percentage of the fund, while leaving the remainder untouched. Others may force you to use the whole value to purchase an annuity. Deciding upon the best course of action needs specialist advice.

Reeves Independent have already had “people reviewing their retirement plans and asking the question: Can I afford to retire now?.

Self-isolation or the need to help look after loved ones for extended periods of time can put a huge financial strain on people at a very stressful time. Being able to have temporary access to funds at a critical time, or making sure you have the correct arrangements in place can help relieve some of the financial pressures and Reeves are here to help those affected by providing expert advice on this matter.

If you are looking for help or guidance on how to use your pensions or assets, please feel free to call Reeves on 0330 353 0057 and one of our highly trained team will be on hand to offer advice.