5 questions that will help you know how to choose an ifa

How to choose an IFA: 5 Must-Ask Questions Before You Commit

Finding a new financial adviser isn’t something that you do every day of the week. Knowing how to choose an IFA can therefore be difficult. Most people muddle through the process and hope that they’ve stumbled on the right partner to look after their financial goals. Pensions, insurance, mortgages are all major decisions. Get it wrong and the consequences can be huge, for you and your family. It’s essential therefore to make sure that you go about choosing a new partner in the right way. Continue reading

3 Secret benefits of consolidating pension funds

Read most articles about consolidating pension funds and you’ll probably think that pension consolidation is just about cutting costs and increasing fund performance. That’s OK. Bringing all your pension pots together under one roof can often reduce administration costs. And moving money to higher performing funds is a smart move too.

But there are a number of hidden benefits which you’ll rarely find discussed. Here are three of them. Continue reading


7 Ways to Use Pensions to Pay Less Tax

Everyone wants to pay less tax. That’s natural. We all want to preserve the wealth we’ve gone through the daily grind to build up. But it’s surprising how few people are taking advantage of all the opportunities to reduce their tax bill.There are many ways to reduce the income, capital gains and inheritance tax that people pay, specifically when it comes to saving in a pension.

Here are seven ideas for you to consider. Continue reading

How to Use an Asset Protection Trust to Keep Your Wealth in the Bloodline

It’s a sad fact that 42 percent marriages end in divorce. Your children won’t be immune to that statistic. That means that the wealth you’ve worked so hard to build up over the years is at risk of being taken by people who leave your family. The assets that you’d planned to pass onto your grandchildren gone. That’s where an asset protection trust comes in. Continue reading

Annuities: Pros and Cons of Fixing your Retirement Income

Annuities used to be the only means by which most people could create an income from their pension. Those fortunate enough to have a larger pension fund were afforded greater flexibility and could keep their funds invested whilst drawing down an income over time. But following the legislative changes introduced in 2015, almost everyone now has the freedom to choose how to access their pension. Annuities are now just one of many strategies available. This article presents the pros and cons of buying an annuity. Continue reading

3 Reasons For and Against Taking a Tax-Free Lump Sum From Your Pension


Coming up to retirement, it’s natural to get excited at the prospect of being able to take 25 percent of your pension as a tax-free lump sum. Having paid so much tax over the years, it’s great to finally get something back from the tax man. But taking a big pension lump sum might not always be the right thing to do. Here’s the argument for and against. Continue reading