Timing is everything when planning for retirement

Timing is everything when planning for retirement 

“In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.’’

Benjamin Franklin wrote that more than 200 years ago, perhaps when he was thinking about his pension.

For death and taxes are two certainties that have to be borne in mind when planning for retirement. We go into detail on taxes elsewhere, explaining the importance of the reliefs available in phased drawdown and of making full use of personal income tax allowances. But, here we’ll explore the subject of timing and the importance of deciding how long your pension pot will realistically need to last and at what point the levels of income you need will start to taper off.

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Why The Budget Really Matters To You

Why the Budget really matters to you

Accountants find Budgets interesting, but others may not. Life’s too short to pore over the Chancellor of the Exchequer’s latest conjuring tricks. You learn, over the years, to suspect that any rabbit he pulls out of his hat will later turn out to have myxomatosis.

However, if you can put your natural aversion to one side for a moment, there are four areas in last month’s Budget that do have potentially important implications for you and your pension planning and are worth a closer look.

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Let Reeves Make Retirement Your Christmas Gift!

Let Reeves Make Retirement Your Christmas Gift

Mason Evans came to us and he received a pleasant surprise.

Aged 57 and with a pension pot worth £150,000, he wasn’t expecting to be able to retire for another few years.

However, when we reviewed his financial circumstances, we were able to uncover some exciting possibilities for Mason.

He owns a large house worth some £500,000 and, when we introduced him to the concept of equity release, it became evident that he could retire much earlier than he’d anticipated – next year in fact.

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Investment approach in turbulent times

Investment approach in turbulent times 

We’ve seen some difficult markets over the past three months.

On August 8, for example, the FTSE 100 index stood at 7776, but, at the time of writing, it was down to 7059, a fall of more than 9%.

Nobody likes to see 9% wiped off the value of their investments in three months and this kind of volatility can worry some investors, particularly those who’ve only experienced the last nine years of largely unbroken growth in the markets.

But, these kind of falls are normal, stock market volatility is normal, and, when it comes to investing, some element of risk is normal.

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Preventing drama of Brexit becoming an investment crisis

Preventing Drama of Brexit Becoming an Investment crisis

However sick you are of hearing the word, we really do have to talk about Brexit.

It may well be boring you rigid but we believe, as an investor, it’s not something you can afford to ignore.

At the time of writing, we’re told a no-deal is becoming increasingly likely. By the time you read this, that may well have changed, but what won’t change over the coming months is the general air of uncertainty. Look forward to a roller-coaster ride of hopes and expectations raised and dashed, and raised again as negotiations continue and details are thrashed out. These are all points we examined in our recent webinar.

Even if Brexit ceases to be a problem, there are other – perhaps even more serious - issues at play, which are having a destabilising effect on the global economy. US President Donald Trump has embarked on a trade war with China, putting the world’s two largest economies at loggerheads, with repercussions for everybody. Add to that, Italy’s new government threatening the stability of the euro, Saudi Arabia, the world’s largest oil producer facing international condemnation and ongoing Russian adventurism and the world looks highly unstable.

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Avoid what’s too good to be true

Avoid what's too good to be true

Everyone has heard horror stories about people who’ve lost their life savings after falling for the advice of some investment 'expert’ promising fantastic returns.

These are not urban myths, but real life stories which appear in the news on a weekly basis. At Reeves, we’ve a number of clients who, before they came to us, had fallen victim to scams or to plain old-fashioned bad advice.

There’s one golden rule which applies in all cases and that’s to ensure that your adviser is reputable, qualified and properly authorised. There’s nothing wrong with an adviser contacting you offering their services – we do that – but make sure that before you engage with them, you check them out thoroughly.

At Reeves, for example, we’re authorised and regulated by the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) and that can be confirmed by looking at the FCA register, available online. We’ve been established for over 20 years and have numerous third-party references which can be viewed on Linked In. We only invest in regulated products, which are thoroughly researched by our team of research assistants, all of whom are graduates, and we never put all your money into one investment but always into a diversified portfolio.

The costs of not using a reputable and accredited adviser can be severe.

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