reduction in pension lifetime allowance

Pension Lifetime Allowance Changes: Could You be Affected?

The pension lifetime allowance is the total value you can build up in pensions without incurring an additional tax charge. And Government figures show it is catching out an increasing number of pension investors.

Tax revenues of £126m were collected from individuals whose pension pots exceeded the allowance in 2015-16. That's an increase of 62% on the previous year.

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Is the FTSE100 about to crash?

Is the FTSE100 heading for a massive fall?

The stock market in London has soared over the summer. Since its low of 5707.60 in February, the FTSE100 has marched forward to levels last seen in April 2015. That’s way before the Brexit campaign even started.

The index lost 15% of its value in just 5 months following its high last April, falling to 6042 by this time last year. Just 5 months later.

So what’s going to happen now? Is the stock market going to crash?

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investment platform charges

Beginners Guide to Investment Platform Fees

Using an investment platform to manage your pensions is a far superior way of controlling your investment compared to traditional, outdated products.

Platform services were cost prohibitive for all but the biggest investors when they were first introduced to the UK in 2004. However as time has passed, new service providers have entered the market bringing with them better products and more attractive investment platform fees. Our view is that the situation has now reversed, and that managing investments via a platform is now appropriate for all but the smallest of investors.

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why you should not be concerned by our fees

5 Reasons Not to be Concerned About Our Fees

Many people miss out on the benefits that an independent adviser can bring to their finances because they are put off by the fees advisers they charge. They’re simply not sure if they would get a return on the cost of advice or perhaps they simply don’t understand what fees apply and how they are paid.

Our clients know and appreciate us for our straight talk about difficult matters, so let me tackle this topic head on. Here are 5 reasons why you shouldn’t be concerned about the fees that we charge.

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how to best invest your pension in property

How to Beat Buy-to-Let Taxes

The property market has traditionally provided very healthy long-term returns to investors. Buy-to-let has been the weapon of choice for many. However, the increasing tax burden of buy-to-let is driving investors to look for other, more tax efficient ways to get these returns.

Holding buy-to-let property in a SIPP isn’t a viable option because of the punitive tax charges that are incurred. And holding property directly in a personal pension isn’t allowed.

So how can you use your pension to invest in property?

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