starting a new job

The Most Important Thing To Do Before Starting a New Job

Starting a new job is a pretty emotional time.

My guess is that – right now - you’re either excited, nervous, or something just short of petrified.

Every night you just seem to lie there in bed, unable to get to sleep as a thousand great ideas for how you can add value spin around your mind… Or, alternately, you’re constantly waking at 4am in a cold sweat worried that you’re doing the wrong thing; wishing that you could turn the clock back and shred your resignation letter.

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your strategic asset allocation might be wrong

Will your lifestyle fund destroy your future wealth?

Lifestyle pension funds, sometimes called Lifecycle or Target Date Funds, are totally in vogue. They appear to be the weapon of choice for pension providers and advisers alike. I did a quick Google search for “lifestyle pension funds” and found 2,910,000 matching results. In the US, Vanguard estimate that more than half of all defined contribution pensions are now lifestyle funds.

But there’s an inherent flaw in the way strategic asset allocation is determined for these funds. And it could be destroying your wealth.

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2 what does an ifa do

How to Make Sure Your Financial Adviser is Doing What You Need

Swap your phone line to another service provider and you know exactly what you're going to get before you sign any contracts. The same when you're booking a flight. Sure, there are some variables like whether it's a flexible ticket, or business class but there's no question about whether the airline will get you from A to B.

But what about Independent Financial Advisers? What should they be doing for you? That's a different question.

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What does Brexit mean?

What does Brexit mean?

The country has voted and we are to leave the EU. The likely effect is to see an initial drop in most asset classes. The pound has dropped overnight and may keep doing so in the immediate term.

This vote, and David Cameron’s impending resignation means that we are entering a period of significant political and economic uncertainty. This is likely to create additional volatility in markets generally, particularly in the short term. Continue reading

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