About Us

Who we are

Reeves Independent is a specialist firm of Independent Financial Advisers which, for more than 20 years, has been helping clients to build financial security both for the present and the future.

While our offices are based in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, our dedicated team of advisers, technical specialists and support staff work with clients across the whole country.

What we do

Reeves Independent helps clients with at least £100,000 in their pension funds get control of their pensions and achieve the retirement they desire.

Our team provides retirement planning, investment management, tax planning and inheritance planning services. We help you work out what you want to achieve in retirement, make a plan for getting there and then deliver on that plan.

We can provide you just with the strategies and advice you need or, preferably, we’ll roll up our sleeves and do the work for you so that you can get on with your life knowing that you’ve a partner who is looking after your retirement needs in the background.

Why we’re different

Choosing the right financial adviser is really important. You can read more about what our clients say on our testimonials page, but here’s a summary of how our clients consider us different. If you like the look of us, it’s likely that you’d get along with us as a partner.


Our success over the past 20 years is based on the trusting relationships we have developed with clients, understanding their needs and helping them to make informed decisions.


Financial advisers frequently confuse their clients with jargon and complex arguments. Our aim is to simplify the world of pensions, explaining difficult concepts in clear, easy to understand language that helps you make decisions rather than hindering them.


We provide advice that is tailored to your personal circumstances, not a “one size fits all” robotic solution that treats you as a number. Our aim is to provide you with the right advice, in the right way and at the right time.

Pensions specialists

Most advisers spread their time across many different areas of financial planning. They may occasionally handle client’s pension arrangements and rarely work with clients with complex retirement plans. Our business, in contrast, focuses on pensions and we deal with pension matters all day, every day. 


We are independent and not tied to specific providers. We act solely in your interests, placing you are the centre of everything we do. We want to provide the best solution to your individual needs and you can be sure that our recommendations are based on a review of the whole market, not just a small group of banks or product providers.

How we work with you

Every client benefits from our highly disciplined approach to providing personally tailored independent financial advice. Of course, we’re all different, but our extensive experience has helped us develop a way of doing things that is both thorough and flexible to your needs.

Introductory call

This is free and takes place on the telephone at a time to suit your schedule. The call provides an opportunity for you to tell us about the goals you have for your retirement and any challenges you face in getting there. We’ll also answer any questions you might have about the services we provide. Between us, we can then decide on the best way forward and agree any next steps.

Information gathering

Our technical team will then work in the background to fill in the detail of your financial circumstances. This usually means contacting your pension providers to get details of the scheme benefits. We’ll not be taking any action at this stage, just gathering all the facts we need to build a complete picture of your current pension arrangements.

Financial analysis

We’ll then analyse the information we have collected and assess that in the context of your retirement goals. We will be careful to consider all your assets that can be used to deliver a retirement income and compare the strengths and weaknesses of your current arrangements with the best available in today’s market.


Our adviser will present his recommendations for how you can best meet your goals in a personal retirement plan. All our advice is driven by your attitude towards investment risk and capacity for loss as well as gains. We’ll also summarise this information in a written document that you can keep and refer to in the future.


Once you are happy to proceed, we’ll start taking action on the strategies recommended in your plan. We’ll keep you involved in the process and our client servicing team will be on hand to do all the hard work for you and make sure the process runs smoothly. You are assured that no actions are ever taken without your permission.

Ongoing review

Your retirement goals won’t be static. We want to work with you right through to the day you choose to retire and beyond. Therefore we provide a program of regular reviews; checking to make sure that any changes to your personal circumstances, legislation or the financial markets are identified and that adjustments to your strategies are made in a timely manner.

What our customers say

At Reeves - The Pension Specialists we pride ourselves on matching the investment to the client. We understand how crucial this is to your future and bring innovative solutions for you to explore.

Nigel is a good communicator and, better still, a good listener; he takes on board your needs and adapts his advice accordingly with ease. He does not patronise you with technical jargon and goes straight to the point. I am happy to recommend Nigel as a Financial Adviser particularly in the subject of pension schemes.

VT Engineering Manager

I have been using the Reeves Independent Portfolio Management for 3 years. I have always found Nigel and the team to act quickly and professionally and respond with informative answers promptly. Additionally I recently had support in setting up a pension plan which for me was a very complicated and confusing area but was dealt with very effectively.

Operations Director

Nigel has a straightforward no nonsense approach to financial advice, this is backed up with many years of expertise in the field. I’d recommend Nigel and Reeves independent without hesitation.

Finance Director


Reeves Independent started trading in 1996 and has been providing Independent Financial Advice since then. We’ve survived more than one storm and you can be confident that we’ll be around in the future to support your ongoing needs.

The business is profitable, and continues to grow year on year. The biggest source of new clients is personal recommendations from existing clients and we are consistently the top-ranked adviser on LinkedIn.