Update on auto-enrolement 25/1/2012

Just to keep you up to date – new information out today on auto-enrolement:

Pensions minister () has confirmed revised staging dates for auto-enrolement which will delay the reforms for small and medium sized businesses.

Medium sized employers (50 – 249 employees) will be reallocated dates between April 1 2014 and April 1 2015.

Small employers (fewer that 50 employees) will be reallocated dates between June 1 2015 and April 1 2017.

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Pensions Update – Auto-Enrolement

Are you an Employer?  Are you up to date with Auto-Enrolement?

I have been reading up on Auto-Enrolement recently, a concept with which all employers should be becomming familiar.    Basically, Auto-Enrolement will mean workers being automatically enrolled into their employer’s qualifying pension scheme without any active decision on their part. To our blog readers with employees, don’t hesitate to contact us if you need advice on Auto-Enrolement.

From 1st October 2012, subject to the employer’s own introduction date, all eligible workers will have to be auto-enrolled into a qualifying pension scheme.  Employers need to implement the new rules and ensure that their business systems are prepared to match this new legislation.

The deadline for smaller companies, those less than 50 employees has now been extended by 12 months, you now have until May 2015 to introduce Auto-Enrolement.

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